Why Consign Your Gently Used Furniture?

We make it simple in Savannah

Consigning your furniture with Savannah Furniture Consignment (SFC) is easier than you ever thought possible. When your items sell, we mail you a check for 60% of the selling price.

Consigning with SFC is the best way to sell your unwanted items hassle free!

  • Offers a safe alternative to having strangers in your home that could jeopardize the safety of your family and property.
  • No need to run expensive newspaper classified ads.
  • No need to get a permit to run a yard sale and hope for good weather.
  • Eliminates the risk of accepting personal checks, fraudulent cashier's checks, and yes, counterfeit money in some cases.
  • No need to worry about internet scams.
  • Guaranteed payment if your product sells.
  • SFC offers huge exposure to customer showroom traffic, advertising, and photos of all merchandise can be accessed online.
  • Consigning with SFC helps your local commerce. Items consigned belong to your friends and neighbor.
  • Optimal pricing with our professional assistance.
  • It's socially responsible and environmentally friendly.

Without a doubt, SFC will maximize the value of your quality merchandise beyond any amount you could ever generate through other alternative sales methods. Our reputation and our ability to display & sell your merchandise will command a selling price that surpasses all others.

Allow the experts at SFC to handle your consignment needs today!

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